Check the orientation of the diffusion gradient table


dwigradcheck input [ options ]
  • input: The input DWI series to be checked


Options for the dwigradcheck script

  • -mask Provide a brain mask image
  • -number Set the number of tracks to generate for each test

Options for importing the gradient table

  • -grad Provide a gradient table in MRtrix format
  • -fslgrad bvecs bvals Provide a gradient table in FSL bvecs/bvals format

Options for exporting the estimated best gradient table

  • -export_grad_mrtrix grad Export the final gradient table in MRtrix format
  • -export_grad_fsl bvecs bvals Export the final gradient table in FSL bvecs/bvals format

Standard options

  • -continue <TempDir> <LastFile> Continue the script from a previous execution; must provide the temporary directory path, and the name of the last successfully-generated file
  • -force Force overwrite of output files if pre-existing
  • -help Display help information for the script
  • -nocleanup Do not delete temporary files during script, or temporary directory at script completion
  • -nthreads number Use this number of threads in MRtrix multi-threaded applications (0 disables multi-threading)
  • -tempdir /path/to/tmp/ Manually specify the path in which to generate the temporary directory
  • -quiet Suppress all console output during script execution
  • -info Display additional information and progress for every command invoked
  • -debug Display additional debugging information over and above the output of -info


  • Jeurissen, B.; Leemans, A.; Sijbers, J. Automated correction of improperly rotated diffusion gradient orientations in diffusion weighted MRI. Medical Image Analysis, 2014, 18(7), 953-962

Author: Robert E. Smith (robert.smith@florey.edu.au)

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