labelsgmfix [ options ] parc t1 lut output
  • parc: The input FreeSurfer parcellation image
  • t1: The T1 image to be provided to FIRST
  • lut: The lookup table file that the parcellated image is based on
  • output: The output parcellation image


In a FreeSurfer parcellation image, replace the sub-cortical grey matter structure delineations using FSL FIRST


Options for the labelsgmfix script

  • -premasked Indicate that brain masking has been applied to the T1 input image
  • -sgm_amyg_hipp Consider the amygdalae and hippocampi as sub-cortical grey matter structures, and also replace their estimates with those from FIRST

Standard options

  • -continue <TempDir> <LastFile> Continue the script from a previous execution; must provide the temporary directory path, and the name of the last successfully-generated file
  • -force Force overwrite of output files if pre-existing
  • -help Display help information for the script
  • -nocleanup Do not delete temporary files during script, or temporary directory at script completion
  • -nthreads number Use this number of threads in MRtrix multi-threaded applications (0 disables multi-threading)
  • -tempdir /path/to/tmp/ Manually specify the path in which to generate the temporary directory
  • -quiet Suppress all console output during script execution
  • -verbose Display additional information for every command invoked


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